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george is live with the latest on security at the hospital. we will begin a david collins who has a recap of today's tragic events. >> the crime scene is in one of the most unlikely places, on the eighth floor inside the main building of johns hopkins hospital. witnesses say the city police squad arrived in force with almost reckless abandon, entering and 911 call, a shot fired, and it happened inside one of the most unlikeliest of places, the main building of johns hopkins hospital. city police were not the only ones. i saw homeland security. >> we got a text message saying is there was a shooter. at that time, we all looked out the window and a whole area was blocked off by traffic, and the swat teams for coming in. >> police say around 11:20
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a.m., the suspect was being briefed by a doctor about the condition of his mom. >> mr. davis renewed a small -- removed a small, semi-automatic handgun from his waistband area and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, are of direct -- up abdomen. >> the victim is identified as dr. david cohen, an orthopedic surgeon. he suffered non life-threatening injuries. the suspect was barricaded in a room with his mom. >> we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound, and that his mother was also unresponsive it in her bed. >> this ended, police said, in
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an apparent murder-suicides. turns out the suspect, warren davis, provided an alias. police a few moments ago gave his real name, paul warren partis, and he had lived in baltimore. >> with more than 30,000 employees, johns hopkins medicine is among the state's largest employers, certainly the largest in baltimore. not all, but many of those employees were evacuated in middle of the mayhem. jennifer franciotti has been covering the scene all day and has more on that part of the story. >> this it was really unbelievable situation, not just for employees told to evacuate, but for patients coming here for appointments and for family members of loved ones inside the hospital. >> i was in my work area and my boss told me to stay put because there is a guy running around with a gun.
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i came outside and the streets are still blocked off. >> we saw a lot of police cars, security guards running around frantic, it was really a chaotic, no one really knowing what is going on as far as what the situation was. eventually, they started locking doors, telling people they could not get in or they could not get out. it was just crazy. >> it is frightening. i would never expect this, because this hospital is well secured and protected. it is just crazy and ridiculous for something like this to happen. >> folks we talked to are certainly relieve the situation is over, and many plan to reschedule their appointments. >> when news broke of a shooting in the hospital, cause there was a lot of concern over the safety of patients inside. >> the big question is, how does
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a guy get pass security in a large hospital armed with a gun? the big point security officials are trying to stress is that it is a huge challenge to keep a large, public building like this safe from harm 24 hours a day, seven days a week, especially with tens of thousands of people coming in and out every day. the head of security told us the alleged shooter check in with security upon entering the hospital at 11:00 today, and like any other visitor, received eight visitors wristband. only high-risk patients and visitors are screened. high-risk peak -- people are those the hospital no could pose a risk to others. johns hopkins does not have metal detectors at any entrance. >> we have over 80 doors, loading docks, emergency exits to these campus buildings. to put a magnetometer at 80
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, and the required armed forced that would need to be staffing the magnetometers, is not realistic. >> the head of security also told us that as far as he knows, there are only one or two hospitals in the country that have metal detectors. as far as we have been told, officials are not sure which entranced mr. davis went into. they are in the process of checking surveillance video to see if they can make a timeline and actually map out this whole situation. we are told that the hospital will review and evaluate its visitor screening policies and its overall security procedures. >> you can keep up with the stories latest developments overnight and well into the morning. our editors are
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constantly updating our stories and videos and slide shows. they are available on our home page. >> a couple of showers have moved into the region and in some areas, strong to severe thunderstorms. cecil county has been under a warning this evening. it looks like the worst of the weather is moving out across the wilmington, delaware area. rainshowers continue across most of the baltimore metro area. the heaviest rain with those thunderstorms on the upper eastern shore. showers extend back into the mountains, so we can expect wet weather to continue until a little after midnight. we'll check out the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> workers at the city board of elections in the morning counting absentee ballots. >> there is still no clear winner in the city state's attorney's race. jayne miller is live at the city board of elections with the latest. >> we are going to go to the new
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numbers in the state's attorney's race. the ones posted after the absentee ballot vote count, these are the numbers. gregg bernstein with 31,187 votes, pat jessamy with 29,824 votes. that means mr. bernstein now has a slightly larger lead and he did before the absentee ballot count. but still no hint of concession from the incumbent. >> today we will be opening the absentee ballots. >> usually an uneventful part of elections, today's count of absentee ballots in the city drew a packed house, a full media contingent, and literally teams of lawyers for each of the candidates in the state's attorney's race. larry gibson had an election law book in hand. >> the account in baltimore than 1600 absentee ballots, and when all was said and done, --
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>> we have795 bernstein, jessamy 727. >> bernstein supporter, lawyer warren brown, called on jessamy to secede. >> we would hope that ms. jessamy would just go ahead and concede, and recognize the inevitability of her loss. >> clearly it was a fair election. >> even a jessamy supporter suggested it is time to move on. >> i plan on trying to meet with him next week as chairman of the city delegation. we have to get his legislative agenda. >> not likely that jessamy is ready to concede. late this afternoon hole larsen made a request -- her lawyers made a request. they want specific documents
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related to the tuesday election , an indication there may be a challenge in the works. a statement said they look forward to the certification of the election. we are still waiting to see if we get any kind of concession or any other kind of statement from patricia jessamy before that. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we are continuously updating our website, you can sign up for breaking news, e-mail alerts for instantaneous updates. >> be jurors in baltimore city listened to more testimony in the murder trial of three suspects accused in the
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shooting death of ken harris. we have the very latest from the courthouse. >> as prosecutors methodically present their case, they rely on dna and other evidence found during the investigation conducted by the baltimore city police department. they hope to convince a jury that gary collins and two others are involved in the shooting death baltimore city councilman in harris. the defense questioned the evidence and wonders if it was possibly -- properly handled, and of some of it was possibly contaminated. >> to take evidence from one crime scene and related to another crime scene to prove the ad did he of the perpetrator at a separate crime scene is problematic -- to prove the identity of the perpetrator at a separate crime scene is problematic. >> technicians testified about
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how works instructed to swap and collect evidence. they were asked about latex gloves and a woman's purse found in an alley not far from the lounge. prosecutors believe the gloves were used to hide fingerprints and told jurors the purse was stolen from one of the nightclub workers. inside the purse, police found bandannas and to latex gloves believed to have been used by the robbers. >> certain evidence was only tested for dna evidence and certain evidence was only tested for fingerprints. we learn that only today. there are services that fingerprints could be found on that were only tested for dna evidence. it was tested for fingerprint evidence, the dna evidence would then be destroyed. i wonder why it was not tested for the other? these raw decisions made by the lead detective. >> the owner of the purse to the stand late today and told jurors that one robber told her i don't want to hurt you, but i
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will. she admitted marijuana found in the purse was hers, but she said she did not recognize the bandanas or the latex gloves that were found in the purse. >> tonight we continue to follow the day's big story, a shooting at hopkins hospital. the suspect and his mother both dead, and a doctor is recovering. >> the fda is expected to make a decision on whether to revoke approval of a drug used to treat breast cancer. we'll have the latest. >> a special contest for some special people. that story is coming up. today is the day i double down.
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>> we want to update our big story tonight from east baltimore. police say a man who was distraught as a doctor brief him on the condition of his mother pulled a gun, shot and wounded the doctor in the abdomen. it was dr. david cohen. the man reportedly went into his mother's room, pulled a gun, shot and killed his mother, then turned the gun on himself. dr. cohen is an orthopedic surgeon at johns hopkins hospital. that is a picture of him right there. the shooter has been identified
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as paul warren partis. his mother has been identified as gene davis. the mayor addressed the media this afternoon about the situation. >> i was very troubled earlier today to learn of the incident here at johns hopkins. johns hopkins is a very proud baltimore institution. our largest private employer, and arguably the best medical institution on the planet. we must protect these assets. >> we are told dr. cohen underwent surgery for his injuries and is expected to survive. we'll have a live update on the story coming up tonight at 5 of 30. -- at 5:30. >> some women in the advanced stages of breast cancer may soon lose one of the drugs in their arsenal against the disease. eric edwards has the details.
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>> once put on the fda fast- track, a drug called avasstin is in danger of losing it standing. >> women have not lived longer with the drug, and that is the major concern. >> it can come with side effects, pain, blood clots, and a small risk of heart disease. it comes with a hefty price tag of $8,000 a month. insurers may no longer cover the cost of the drug for women to do benefit. oncologist say it comes down to what is most cost-effective for most patients. >> the biggest problem is that neither the drug company or the community of oncologist has figured out which women would benefit the most, and for the
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thousands of women with breast cancer, perhaps we need to spend our money developing better drugs that are more effective. >> the looming decision doesn't apply to its use for: and other cancers. -- two issues this fall colon and other cancers. >> a complicated situation. we'll let you know what happens with the drug and what the fda decides to do. >> finally some rain in our region, and even some big thunderstorms rolling through parts of maryland. the upper eastern shore hit with a cluster of storms this afternoon, and there is still some pretty good rain coming down in parts of kent and queen anne's county. the heaviest severe storms have crossed over northern delaware and are moving into southern new jersey at this hour. the shower weather extends all the way back into the mountains.
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you can see the shower whether going all the way back to frost burke and into garrett county and just east of pittsburgh. there is another line of showers cutting across eastern ohio that will have to get through here as well. up until about 3:00 in the morning, the potential is there for some much-needed rain in our region. temperatures have been warm today. still see numbers in the low 80's engine parts of carroll county. let's see what has happened in westminster and gaithersburg. down across eastern into richly, when a shower goes through, the temperatures cool. we can see 85 at salisbury, 82 a cambridge. the temperature changes we've been here over night tonight. once the last of the storms moves across the region, skies will begin to clear up as we
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head toward morning. an evening shall were storm, monday through the early evening, and overnight lows 62- 69 degrees. the front cutting across northwest ohio should be on our coast by tomorrow afternoon and behind it high pressure builds in with another extended stretch of dry conditions anticipated for region. a lot of sunshine through the afternoon, and it will feel less humid tomorrow, but it will still be warm, low 80's are likely with the westerly breeze tomorrow. we will keep a close eye on the next week front in parts of pennsylvania and ohio on sunday. isn't looks like it will weaken even further as it drops toward baltimore. sunny skies for saturday in just partly cloudy on sunday. breezy, less humid tomorrow, all more comfortable day, but still warmer than normal. a-85 -- 80-85. a cool day tomorrow, the showers
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may continue in western maryland for another day before it clears the air over the weekend. around the bay we will see sunshine, the lower eastern shore still warm, of around 84 or 85 with the breeze at 10-50 miles an hour. the tropics are still making headlines, and bermuda is still the concern here, because hurricane igor remains very strong, with winds up to 125 miles an hour. it is showing some signs of weakening to the western side of the storm as it begins to encounter some westerly winds. hurricane jr is weaker -- hurricane juliet is uighur off to the east. julia has a 85 mile an hour winds and igor has 125 miles an hour. it may get stronger before weakens again on its track toward bermuda.
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that could be some problems for bermuda sunday evening before everything begins to weaken as it pulls off to cooler waters of the north atlantic. the skies will clear tonight and it will be breezy tomorrow. sunny skies on saturday, partly cloudy on sunday, a nice weekend, and looks like the dry weather will continue through next week. >> will continue to follow today's big story, a deadly tragedy at johns hopkins hospital. >> this police believe a couple held a woman against her will for nearly a year. we will have the latest. >> he is one of the finalist in the my american dream contest. that story is coming up.
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>> at only 29 years of age, he has had to overcome so much, but nothing has stopped him. >> he now has a law degree and is a finalist in the my american dream contest sponsored by the national disabilities institute. rob roblin has the details. >> it is a special contest for special people, on this the 20 anniversary of the americans with disabilities act. >> i am just getting underway, as a matter of fact. >> ivan is a determined young
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man. he has determined to have an awful lot, despite his disabilities, and not let those disability stand in his way. >> you don't give up, do you? >> no, i am a determined guy, i am a hard-working guy. you have to be, when you have a physical disability the way i have. a lot of things that are easier for most people just become more difficult for me. >> ivan is one of the five finalists in the american dream contest. the contest commemorate the 20th anniversary of the americans with disabilities act. >> there were no justices in wheelchairs'. i turned to my mother who was walking with me at the time and said to her that it was my dream to become the first u.s. supreme court justice in a wheelchair. >> ivans family says he has always been an inspiration to
5:27 pm
them. >> he taught me to persevere and go for our dreams and all that. >> we have always been proud of him anyway, but the fact that he has accomplished so much the spot of the challenges in front of him, we are very proud of him. >> ivan graduated from college with honors and went on to get a law degree. he says his dream is still to become a supreme court justice. >> somebody needs to retire. there have been a lot of retirements lately, so i think i just have to wait my turn. >> if you like to vote for ivan, you conduct your web site, b.g.e. you can go to our website, >> we will recap our top stories, still ahead. >> dr. david cone and was shot and wounded this morning my man distraught over medical news about his mother.
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>> maryland's colleges and universities to do more to make universities to do more to make sure students graduate on time. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and
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i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> what started as a normal day took a terrible and terrifying turn as a man opens fire on a doctor inside johns hopkins hospital. 11 news has had a team of reporters covering this story from the scene since it happened
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just before 11 of 30 this morning. >> david collins was first on the scene. >> police said the suspect, 50- year-old paul warren partis of arlington, virginia, became distraught after briefing by the victim, dr. david cohen, regarding the condition of his mother. according to police, davis pulled a semiautomatic weapon from his waistband and shot the doctor in the lower abdomen area. it happened in a hospital hallway. dr. cohen is an orthopedic surgeon. authorities say following surgery, dr. cohen is expected to recover. police had a two-hour barricade situation on their hands. police discovered around 1:20 p.m. that day this bailey shot his mom and then turned the gun on himself. -- davis shot his mom and then turned the gun on himself.
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>> we have breaking news right now near annapolis. let's go to captain roy taylor. >> river road and take saint john, just south of annapolis high school, a head-on collision at this location. it looks like the road is going to be shut down while they deal with this working rescue and police investigation. >> tonight to people are in custody, accused of holding a woman against her will for nearly a year. they are charged with attempted murder, assault, and false imprisonment. the 22-year-old victim is currently in critical condition. detectives said the victim has a 1-year-old son and they believe
5:32 pm
the suspects were holding a woman and taking her social security income. a man who police accused of fleeing the scene and are robbery in northwest baltimore is also in custody tonight. authorities say two men held up a pharmacy at a shopping center yesterday. investigators said police arrived on the scene after a security guard reportedly fired multiple shots at the armed suspects. >> the two suspects fled the location. one of them was caught by baltimore city police officer who was in the area and saw the commotion. he was taken into custody. >> police said they have recovered one weapon. the names of the suspects have not been released. >> here is a look at some of our other top stories. the search is over for four men who escaped police custody with his pregnant girlfriend. they were arrested by u.s. marshals without incident yesterday about 40 miles south of seattle. police said palmer, who was charged with an august stabbing, made up of medical injury to
5:33 pm
break free. he now faces additional charges. the men behind bars, accused of stealing $3.5 million worth of metal. police arrested james robinson and thomas jefferson, connected with the commercial burglary last week. police say the men sold more that -- stole more than 500 tons of metal, used to make stainless steel. all the absentee ballots have been counted. gregg bernstein remains the leader over patricia jessuand jessamy. provisional ballots must do recounted, and so far jessamy has not conceded the race. >> there is a growing number of mostly low-income students to start college but failed to finish. >> that has forced the state
5:34 pm
board of regents to call for some changes. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with that story. >> this is a top priority for the state board of regents. that is why the board has asked for students to put into writing how they would all about helping more students graduate. -- how they would help more students graduate. >> fewer than 20% of students to begin their freshman year actually make it to graduation. that is why the board of regents education policy committee is holding state schools accountable. >> we have an obligation in our institutions, if we admit a student, we have to do everything we can to see that they are successful and get a degree. >> over the summer, they helped review courses for the incoming freshman class to help put them on a track to graduate in four years. school officials say is only the first debt toward real progress. >> we are looking at our
5:35 pm
curriculum and academic advisement, although social structures that say to a student, you belong at coughlan state university. >> state officials realize schools must do even more to help keep college students on campus. >> we cannot afford it. tuition is increasing. >> that is the number-one thing. >> the board of regents said its data shows that african- american males are more likely to drop out of school than any other students. it says in the end, the buck stops with each school to develop plans to bring up those numbers. >> it gives them ownership. it is part of their responsibility to look at whether they are providing the services and programs the students need to earn those degrees. >> this date is helping to narrow what it calls the achievement gap by 2015 and eliminate it by 2020. >> the board of regents expects another school report by this
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time next year. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> still ahead, an update for apple customers. >> new software will soon be available, with a special feature for i pad users. >> first, work continues in the gulf of mexico to finally put the oil disaster to bed. is expected
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>> work continues in the gulf of mexico, and if everything goes to plan, the well could be permanently sealed by the weekend. many along the gulf coast stress that will not be the end of the work and the recovery after " -- after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> a mile beneath the surface of the gulf, crews are inching closer to permanently sealing the fractured deepwater horizon well. it cannot come soon enough for those who live and work along the louisiana gulf coast and have been waiting almost five months now for an end to this
5:40 pm
disaster. >> it is well overdue, and we are just glad that day is finally coming. finally we see light at the end of the tunnel. >> that light in some areas is still shaded by the dark tint of crude. independent scientists say they are finding blankets of oil along the gulf, in some areas to inches thick. >> we will continue to monitor, sample, and study the oil and disbursements from the near shore to the open oceans, up from the surface to the ocean floor. >> these pictures are evidence there is still a lot of oil in the water and washing ashore. >> is kiev from the bottom and being washed toward the surf. b.g.e. is kicking up from the bottom. >> they are also gathering fish in plaquemines parish. >> the size of these fish kills, the amount of fish, we
5:41 pm
just need some reassurance that the oxygen levels are not worse because of the dispersants or the oil or both. >> reassurance that many have been looking for for 149 days now. >> as the fight against the oil continues, so does the push by some to resume drilling here. a report released indicating not as many jobs were lost as first expected by the ban, but leaders argue the report is not based in reality and that tens of thousands of jobs and families have been affected by the moratorium. >> we are continuing to follow today's tragic and violent turn of events at hopkins hospital. we will hear from the baltimore police commissioner, straight ahead. >> just because the products as is natural does not mean it is.
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>> shares and even a few strong thunderstorms on doppler. we'll follow those in check what is in store for friday and the upcoming weekend. 72 at t
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>> here's a look at what we are working on for 11 news at 6. we will continue to follow developments out of johns hopkins hospital after the son of a patient open fire on a doctor before killing his mother and then himself. we'll have details on what happened. also, the safety and security for patients, visitors, and employees. we are following the latest numbers for city state's attorney. we'll have those stories and much ms
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>> we continue to follow today's big story, a murder-suicides at johns hopkins hospital this morning all began with the conversation between dr. david cohen and 50-year-old paul warren partis. >> in the course of a conversation with the doctor, mr. davis removed a small, semi- automatic handgun from his waistband area and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, up to abdomen. >> davis is the name that police first said. they have changed it since then. dr. cohen did undergo surgery. paul partis shot his mother and then turned the gun on himself.
5:46 pm
>> now, your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the heaviest rain in our area with this current round of showers has been centered on the upper eastern shore from queen anne's and can count up into cecil county, moving across northern delaware and southern new jersey. it has been much lighter shower activity it around baltimore, but some pretty good range showing up out toward hagerstown. there is a second batch of storms we have to keep an eye on. tornado warnings have been issued in this line of storms stretching from southeast of cleveland for akron and down to eastern columbus. that may be the strongest of the whole batch and it will not get here until much later tonight. hopefully it will weaken on this track and to our region. just a trace of rain so far at bwi marshall, and a warm day, up to 86 degrees, but there is
5:47 pm
cooler, drier air on the way. the temperatures have dropped into the low and mid 60's and in western maryland. even a 90-degree reading in southern maryland. distraught will change the pattern just a little bit, but -- this front will change the pattern. the computer models weekend the second batch of showers, so we should see the last of the showers winding down and in showers clearing as we head towards friday morning. a couple of showers and maybe some thunder overnight. the area of low pressure will stay to the north and head for new england, but it does drag that front group. behind it, the temperatures cool a little, but westerly winds tend to compress the air and warm it up. it is not going to cool off that much, but it will dry out.
5:48 pm
it should feel more comfortable for most folks tomorrow afternoon, and it looks like the dry weather pattern will hold into the weekend, especially on saturday. there is another week for an indicated to the north sunday and should come through here sunday night and monday morning with just a few clouds. does not look like a substantial rain threat. tomorrow, a beautiful day, breezy and less humid with highs in 80's. waves of 1-2 feet. so for the weather service does not have a small craft advisory up for tomorrow, but that may have to change that. a couple of lingering showers near deep creek. drier weather returning for saturday and sunday. some beautiful mountain weather out west this weekend. and the lower eastern shore tomorrow, we will see some sunshine with high temperatures right around 84 degrees.
5:49 pm
low 80's, breezy, less humid tomorrow, comfortable conditions on saturday and sunday. temperatures in the upper 70's monday and tuesday, warming up around the middle part of next week. >> new software is on away from apple. apple says the software that will run on i pads and other apple devices would be available in november. i pet owners will be able to print documents from their i pet -- i pet owners. --ipad owners. the word natural has been popping up all over store shelves, but is it misleading? the makers of thousands of products are vying for your trust, but whoever sees the label in process? >> some of it is just a higher price. sometimes it is better.
5:50 pm
>> i would pay extra for it, definitely. >> does the word "natural" attract future products? >> definitely. it does not have additives. people are not adding chemicals to it. >> are you sure? what is natural mean? just about anything, because in cleaning products, the word is not defined, not regulated. >> anyone can use the word in terms of marketing. >> the natural products association decided to try to clean up the natural cleaning i'll by writing its own definition. the nonprofit serves as a third party and has set strict standards. for product meet those standards, it's a special sealed that consumers can clearly see. >> we want to make sure it has meaning. >> the criteria to earn the seal, 95% of the product must contain natural ingredients, excluding water.
5:51 pm
the product cannot contain ingredients that are potential health risks. the organization's prohibits any additional animal testing beyond regulatory requirements. finally, the package must be biodegradable. >> if you look at the is wholeaisle and everyone here wanted uracil, how many would actually get it today? >> i would say it would be less than 50%. >> today companies are not required to name all the ingredients on a product label. the natural products association requires full disclosure. it wants to get rid of ingredients that are not truly natural. >> i cannot say have these words. >> in order to earn the seal, 60% of the companies product must be natural. any company can submit its
5:52 pm
products for approval, for a fee. >> it is like an irs audit. >> clark screen works is the first product to learn that still call clorox green works. >> list crenshaw for nbc news. >> is such as cleaning products. the national product association started giving it seal to personal-care products such as cosmetics, shampoo, and soap, a couple of years ago. >> more than 1300 museums will offer free admission on saturday, september 25, to celebrate the sixth annual smithsonian magazine museum day. you'll have to download and print the official ticket from our website to get in for free. you can find a complete list of all the museum's opening their doors for free. just go to
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we continue to follow our big story of the day, an unbelievable scene at johns hopkins hospital. a distraught man should the doctor and then barricaded himself inside his mother's hospital room, leading to a murder-suicides. >> this ravens van was the big winner in a national fantasy football league talent, and she football league talent, and she is hopin my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax
5:54 pm
as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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>> a middle river woman is proving she has what it takes when making the right picks. she just got back from a three day trip to new orleans, part of our grand prize for winning a
5:56 pm
national fantasied football contest. >> she is a diehard ravens fans. now she cares about all the teams, not just the ravens. she plays fantasy football. >> it just makes football more interesting, instead of just watching the baltimore ravens. now i watch all the teams, so i am like a football attic. >> two years ago she placed 16th in the nation. it gave her confidence to try again, and last year she won the networks' grand prize. her grand prize, a trip for two last week to new orleans, where she and her husband got to watch the kickoff of the nfl season at the superdome. >> that they are air fell, hotel, and tickets to the game. -- get paid our air fare. we went to the nfl kickoff party. there was dave matthews and taylor swift. we got to walk up the red carpet, and people were slapping
5:57 pm
our hands like we were really important. >> she got all kinds of goodies to take home, and she is really proud of winning. >> especially being a woman, because people always think men are going to win the fantasy football, so it was exciting. >> she says she takes her football picks seriously, making sure she does her homework. >> i look at the sports page, i go on all the football side and look at the projections. i keep all my statistics written down. in the end, i go with my gut. >> she is now addicted to fantasy football and is involved in four different leagues. heard it for quarterback, philip rivers of the chargers. -- her pick for quarter bacteria >> a couple programming notes her pick for quarterback. >> we will rebroadcast the programs that were missed
5:58 pm
beginning at 3:00 a.m. we will rebroadcasted days episode of doctor of laws at 8:00 -- dr. oz. that is all brass at 5:00. here's a look at what is coming at new at 6. >> a man should the doctor inside johns hopkins hospital then fatally shoots his own mother and kills himself. >> hawkins security officials tell us how that gunman got past security and into the hospital. >> i am jayne miller, live at the city's election board. challenger gregg bernstein is lead is a little bigger in his race for state attorney. >> johns hopkins is a very proud baltimore institution.
5:59 pm
our largest private employer and arguably the best medical institution on the planet. we must protect these assets. >> it was a chaotic day at that institution after the son of a patient opened fire on a doctor before killing the patient, who happen to be his mother, and then himself. we have been following this story all they learn. police were called to a shooting inside the hospital. >> hawkins is a sprawling, huge campus with more than 40 buildings. happened in the nelson building, the maine medical tower there. >> the unthinkable happened inside one of the most unlikely places, johns hopkins hospital. we are learning more about the suspect, the victims, what happened, and why. witnesses said

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